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You may well have of heard of Alphakronik Genes by now, considering they’re available on 7 continents and in 19 countries. If you want real genetics developed in a natural way, purchase these cannabis seeds online through one of our carefully selected retailers operating under our Authorized AG Seeds Vendors program.

So what makes Alphakronik the perfect choice for your garden?

1. Their quality genetics are produced through love, time and dedication, the same quality simply cannot be attained by cutting corners. Gender-reversal sprays are never used.

2. Aplhakronik strive to be industry leaders when it comes to customer service. This means a full time customer service support network, ready to take any questions regarding seeds.

3. They seek to ensure that every customer is 100% satisfied, so much so that they offer a no questions asked guarantee on all their products.

4. Only the rarest and most potent parental genetics available are used to create their seed lines. What sets Alphakronik apart is the unique flavours and remarkable potentcy found in their seeds.


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