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The Czech Republic Carpathians, a magnificent mountain region stretching 1500km across Central and Eastern Europe, provides a breathtaking landscape. It is here, amongst crystal clear waters and abundant wildlife, that Carpathian Seeds was born. What finer environment could there be to develop cannabis seeds?

This is a unique Czech-Ukranian collaboration of knowledgeable breeders with over a decade experience in this field who, despite being relatively new to the game, have managed to gain a loyal following across the region. Its not surprising, given the environment here, that these seeds have an excellent germination rate and produce top notch, healthy plants.

Carpathians Seeds decided to focus on Autoflowering plants, of which they hold a diverse range, to allow growers with short summers the opportunity to fully mature their plants without adversely affecting the harvest. It could be worth giving these genetics from an unusual area of the world a go, especially given the wide range they offer.


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